TaunT Family

Who is Momma TaunT ?

Mei 22, 2021 Tim asked his mom up in the attic to react on a song. She thought it was a schoolproject and went along with it. It was COVID and they were not allowed to leave the house so when Tim confessed what he did and it appeared to be successful they decided to continue this journey together and since Tim was already called TaunT on stream , MommaTaunT was borne too. But COVID took a toll on many people and a lot of young viewers reached out when they found out MommaTaunT was also a mental health coach. She finds a lot of satisfaction in helping people to find help nearby and helps those in need who cannot seem to find help or afford help. IRL she is a founder of a cancer care center and taking care of people with cancer and their loved ones got her granted a royal decoration as a knight/dame. She used to be a jazz singer before she got cancer herself and she still loves to sing but her musical taste has developed a lot since. Of course she still loves the classics but she also loves metal and thanks to her son, really learned to appreciate underground rap. Next to music , she loves traveling and cooking and her biggest wish is to combine all three of them into videos.